Activities to Stay Engaged in Healthy Living

Farmer’s Market Fun

One of the best places to get fresh, healthy food is from a local farmer’s market. Familiarizing yourself or others with the local produce and market locations in your area is a fun way to explore new foods and your town. In Allen County, HEAL Farm Markets double the value of SNAP purchases, and Senior and WIC produce vouchers. Check for the market schedule.

Start Moving More!

When it comes to caring for our physical and mental well-being, eating right and staying active go hand in hand. The health benefits of daily exercise can be truly life-changing. Engaging in moderate to vigorous physical activity for as little as 30 minutes can increase energy levels, improve mood and sleep quality, and improve metabolism.

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Get Growing!

Planting a vegetable or herb garden is an excellent motivator for adding more produce to your diet. When you have fresh, delicious ingredients readily available at home, you won’t be able to resist throwing some into tonight’s dinner!

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